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Five Things To Consider Before Starting Your Fourth Blog

August 17, 2009

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1) Do not let your blog dictate your personal brand. This pigeonholes you into a routine of producing forced content rather than writing what you want, and blogging will begin to lose its appeal. It’s easier and expected to write a company blog that best reflects an organization’s brand, but shouldn’t your personal blog — and therein brand — be allowed to evolve over time?

2) If you purchase a domain for your blog, do not assign it the same name as your blog’s title, unless you’re absolutely certain you will never rename it. I shelled the cash for this GoDaddy domain last year. While it wasn’t expensive ($18.00?), I’ve fallen out of fun with that particular blog.

3) Write a few posts before you go live with your new blog. Give visitors a chance to scan through several of your musings. Having multiple posts at the beginning may prompt them to return to your blog.

4) Don’t go crazy with the tags. That one’s more for me, but I assume there are other people who tag posts with as many keywords that they can. Too many tags waters down Google, making it harder for your blog to turn up in relevant, organic search results. I’ve been told between three and five are ideal, and no more than 10.

5) Make sure you update every social network of which you’re a member with your new blog’s Web address. That’s a given.

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