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The Power of the Booty

June 14, 2010

What do you get when you combine viral video marketing, gay-friendly businesses and Katy Perry? Only the GREATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO TO HIT SUMMER OF 2010! Seattle-based, yet nationally expanding, made waves last week with its tribute video to Katy Perry’s latest hit “California Gurls.”

Katy Perry’s California Gurls feat. the Washington Boys” debuted at a favorite Seattle gay bar of mine, The Lobby Bar, Monday, June 7. Wanting to go viral from the get-go, Unicorn Booty founders Kevin Farrell and Nick Vivion were unpleasantly surprised when their video debuted via YouTube, only to be pulled moments later by Perry’s label EMIGlobal for reasons not quite clearly defined. What was clear, however, was the multitude of tribute videos fans have made using Perry’s songs, as well as those from other artists like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, which record labels have not pulled from public YouTube access. Funny — in a really demeaning way — that the only video EMIGlobal struck from YouTube was that featuring seven good-looking gay boys dancing in the desert to honor a current pop icon who’s been fairly well-received by the friends of Dorothy.

What better way for a video to go viral than to have it pulled from the public because a major record label thinks it’s too gay?!? Thankfully, with help from, Perez Hilton (love that you featured this on your site, Perez, but calling the “Washington Boys” video “cute” is synonymous with when girls told me I was “like a brother” back when I thought I was straight), and a social media bombardment from disgruntled ‘mos and allies regarding EMI pulling the tribute video from the very service Unicorn Booty utilizes daily to promote gay-friendly businesses with its “Daily Gay Giveaway,” “Katy Perry’s California Gurls feat. the Washington Boys” has been reinstated on YouTube for your ultimate viewing pleasure (maybe they were afraid Unicorn Booty’s ability to reroute viewers to would take away from its user-generated mantra?).

Make a pit-stop at at least once a day. Just comment on their blog for a chance to win that day’s prize, and spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social media platforms to increase your chances of winning. Winners are selected at random and prizes are off the hook!

I’ll let you know I haven’t won anything yet, and I don’t care. As someone who’s admittedly at the whim of the best consumer culture has to offer, the fact that Unicorn Booty introduced me to brands like Bonobos (which I spent at least 45 minutes online with the other day, gawking at boat shoes and pants), SharkStores and Shakers Vodka, proves that they provide valuable and leveraged insight on products I want and need..but mainly want. What’s even better is that participating retailers are interested in establishing and furthering themselves as gay-friendly, which is pretty effing smart considering we gays collectively spend about $825 billion a year. What’s even more marvelous is that Unicorn Booty donates 10 percent of proceeds to a non-profit organization. A new non-profit is selected each quarter (with this qaurter’s being Lifelong AIDS Alliance), as chosen by users of the site. It’s the ultimate audience-derived, social media driven experienced, and it’s available to you every day, for free.

Get on the horn and check out Unicorn Booty each and every day. A great service and cause encapsulated by an entertaining website. It only takes a few minutes a day to contribute and potentially win a product provided by companies who care about you, sincerely.

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